Identity / subjectivity Stream of Consciousness

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Swarm, herd, school, flock

organized chaos

The state of being as a part of a collective; an individual consciousness within a sub-group (family, religion, ethnicity, gender, nation etc.). Multiple and layered sub-groups (sub-sets) make up the collective consciousness.

Joining the human race

All living beings

My Swarm

I did not attempt to comprehend the intelligence of a swarm – just to create a flow of tiny individuals within a collective.

Assimilated / Individual

The Borg!

A collective on Star Trek that assimilates other life forms.  Seven of Nine is a member of the Voyager crew whose connection with the collective was broken and who is now and individual.

The Borg

Ant Collective                                                                                                             Earthquake Rose

Evidence of a universal organizing force …

My Interpretation of a Universal Force organizing chaos.  Chaotic from the ant’s eye view but organized from a God’s eye view…


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